About The Company
An international horror collaboration based out of the budding film community in Boston, Massachusetts, Untold Horror has earned their place in the independent horror scene producing cutting-edge, festival-worthy gory slashers. Two years ago, Untold Horror's first full-length feature, The Green Monster made its world premiere. After being selected by festivals across the country, this "gut-slamming, old-school bloodfest" has been selected for distribution–look for it soon on Netflix and Amazon! An appreciation of the short format has also motivated Untold Horror's continuous production of high-quality short film compilations, including their most recent effort, Road Hell, a gory romp through a fresh take on three classic genres.

Untold Horror's crew comes together from across the U.S., and their network of artists, writers, producers and actors even reaches out internationally to the UK and Canada. The result?  At the heart of every production is a talented team, brought together by a love of indie horror and a passion for creating the blood-curdling films that sidestep the mainstream–the ones true horror fans have been waiting for.  Whether campy or serious, Untold Horror's films seek to preserve the best parts of the indie horror genre, while striking out and pushing boundaries with new, bold and of course, gory choices.


The Green Monster (2009)

Road Hell (2011)
   -Zombies! Zombies! Everywhere!
   -The One
   -Deep Into The Rabbit Hole
   -Road Hell The Happy Couple
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